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Presentations are custom designed for your group or organization.


  • New skills, strategies, empowerment, understanding, information, validation, sense of belonging, relief, rejuvenation, awareness, new contacts.
  • Reduced bullying incidents
  • Better decision making
  • Improved leadership, improved teamwork

Who Would Benefit:

  •  The information and style of delivery for most of these seminars/workshops are custom designed to apply & appeal to most adults. One exception has been noted: those with ADD don’t find the delivery style appealing.
  •  Most of these topics can be tailored to provide workplace training for medical professionals, college/university educators, white collar employees, teachers, parents, early childhood educators, therapists, counselling psychology students, or to the general public.
  •  CEO’s, VP’s, & Employers: Want your quiet managers & cautious employees to be become exceptional decision makers & leaders?
    • Want to increase productivity, teamwork, reduce turnover & sick time?
    • Want to prevent having to deal with bullying in the workplace, which is now illegal in BC?


  • Presentations can be Lunch & Learn length or longer:  2–3.5 hours, for 1–2 afternoons or evenings.


  • your workplace
  • your professional association’s building
  • community centres
  • schools
  • colleges, universities
  • library meeting rooms


  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Anti–Bully Skills
  • Resilience & Mindfulness
  • Better Career or Better Workplace
  • Public Speaking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spotting Psychopaths & Narcissists
  • Confidence & Self–Esteem
  • Boundaries
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Assertiveness
  • How To Retire from People Pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Understanding the HSP Trait vs Disorders That Appear Similar
  • Giftedness in Adults
  • Gifted Children & Emotional Fragility
  • HSC (Highly Sensitive Child)
  • Creative Visionaries
  • Trauma, PTSD (Recovery From)
  • Guilt, Shame, & Embarrassment
  • Dealing with Overstimulation/How to Thrive with the HSP Trait
  • Relationship–Keeping Skills
  • Dating (Relationship–Finding Skills)
  • Friendship
  • Small Talk
  • Self–Parenting

To Book A Presentation

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HSP Meetup Presentations:

Locations:   Varying, contact Caroline at highlyattuned@shaw.ca for up to date info
Dates:   TBD
Fees:    $35, payable to Caroline G., Metro Van HSP Meetup Coordinator
To Register:   Email highlyattuned@shaw.com