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Health Care Career Stress

Trapped?  Stressed?  Help for Health Care Career Stress:

Workers in the traditional health care system are telling me this is how they feel.  Too much change, happening too fast,  imposed by others, and not only unnecessary, but actually harmful. For example, most of the change is cutbacks. Most of the cutbacks are in staffing. Everyone is doing the work of 2-3 people, and fearful of dropping the ball.  Rightly so, because they sometimes get blamed for making mistakes or getting behind in their work when the workload is unsafe or impossible to sustain.  This takes a toll, especially on conscientious types who really care about their performance. This describes L, who was caught in this trap.

L. is an intelligent, cautious, and caring health care professional; a highly educated introvert (HSP). She was dreading being asked to join one more committee, going to meetings, overwhelmed with emails, patients, bosses, co-workers who blamed & shamed others, major changes every six months.  She dreamed of having better leaders who stayed longer, who protected, supported, and mentored their staff.   She knew she had lots to offer but was afraid to speak up in meetings after seeing the bullies target those who disagreed with them.  She was anxious every day and had trouble sleeping at night.  She didn’t want to lose her high salary and benefits, those are hard to find. This built up until she couldn’t stand another year of this.

After L. found me by googling Vancouver HSP counsellors, we worked on setting goals for what she wanted to be different in her life and then co- designing strategies.  We discovered some hindering beliefs that held her back from setting boundaries and taking risks (I’m not good enough, I can’t protect myself) and the past events that caused her to believe them.  After 2 sessions of EMDR, she was sleeping better and less anxious at work. After 10 more sessions of

Some HSPs are quiet leaders

Some HSPs are quiet leaders

EMDR, followed by some sessions with anti-bully skills training and boundary setting, she reported she was more assertive with everyone, got her ideas heard at meetings, was skillfully dealing with bullies, and she accepted a leadership position that allowed her to create the humane workplace that she’d been craving for so long.  I mentored her in the first stages of her new quiet leader role and she strategically handled many challenges successfully.  She’s now reached her current goals!  Future goal:  Entrepreneur, using her health care background.

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